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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The title of this post is a quote by our favorite rebel without a cause, Sawyer from Season 5, Episode 14 (The Variable).  You may be wondering why I've titled the blog this, but wonder no longer! Today's post is in honor of the cakes and other confectionary goodies made with LOST themes.

Before I get to the cakes, I've got some Easter eggs from Lighthouse.  When Jack enters his apartment, you can see an old exercise bike.  This exercise bike is the same one that was in the Hatch during Season 2, when it was utilized by Desmond to keep fit during his button-duty-time. Also, the song David Shephard plays at his audition is the same song a young Daniel Faraday plays in Season 5, Episode 14 (The Variable).  Finally, when Jack attempts to find David at his mom's house, he finds the key under a statue of a white rabbit.  The Season 1 episode that mirrors this episode was called White Rabbit.

Anyway, back to the cake!

These cupcakes are available from Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in New Jersey.  Decorated with many of the DHARMA stations, these cupcakes are pretty cool!

These cupcakes were made by LOST fan Lauren Anderson and she posted them on Flickr.  Love the numbers!

These were also made by LOST fan, katipeck, and I found her awesome work on Flickr.  Look at the four toed statue and the DHARMA fish biscuit!

Finally, this cake was created by Charm City Cakes, of Ace of Cakes fame, to celebrate the 100th episode of LOST.  There's the computer from the Hatch, DHARMA beer, and miniature characters that are edible.  Awesome!

There you go! Made me hungry.

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