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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day LOST Lovers! I hope you've all had a wonderful Sunday and are pumped for a new week in LOST. I know I am.

One last quick note on the new version of The LOST Loophole.  As you can see, there is a new edition on the left side of your screen.  Since this blog is devoted to the 42 questions I'd like to see answered before LOST is over, I thought it would be nice to be able to see an abbreviated version of the list at all times.  So there it is!  You can also always view the full detailed list on the blog by clicking the entry title "LOST Questions TBA".

Anyone have a minute to rewatch Season 6, Episode 3 (What Kate Does)?  If you did, you may be wondering a bit about the baseball located on Dogen's desk.  What the heck would Dogen want with a baseball?  Well, I'm not sure if he and Lennon are going to take some time out of the day to play some catch, but I do know that there are 108 double stitches on standard baseballs, like the one found on Dogen's desk.  WHOA!

Down to business. In honor of the loviest day of the year, I'm going to take a minute to rank my top five favorite LOST couples. So cuddle up with some DHARMA chocolate and enjoy.

5. Jack Shephard and Kate Austen -- Some of you may question why I've put them in last place as their love (or unlove, depending on the hour) is one of the central themes of LOST, but to be frank, I don't really like them together. When they first met in the jungle in Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot) Jack depends on Kate to stitch him up and he teaches her to control her nerves by counting to five, I was rooting for them.  But as time has gone on the relationship has continued to grow more complicated and, well, messed up.  They did have some good moments, so let's revisit some of them.  In Season 1, Episode 24 (Exodus, Part 2) Jack lies to Kate to protect her from having to carry explosive dynamite across the island (what a guy!).   What about the time when Jack saves Ben's life, upon Kate's request, so the Other's wouldn't kill Sawyer in Season 3, Episode 6 (I Do)?  That was very selfless of Jack.  Jack comes to Kate's rescue in court during Season 4, Episode 4 (Eggtown) and they get engaged in Season 4, Episode 10 (Something Nice Back Home).  But that's about it for the nice moments. Jack's paranoia and alcoholism pulls them apart off the island and their return to the island in Season 5 doesn't make things any better.  What's in store for this dramatic couple in Season 6? I've got no idea.

4. Hurley Reyes and Libby Smith - It may have been short, but boy was it sweet. Season 2, Episode 18 (Dave) is the most Hurley/Libby centered episode of LOST.  They exercise together, Hurley and Libby try to take on his food-related issues, and they kiss on top of a pretty dramatic island cliff. We also learn that the two once both took up residence in the Santa Rosa Mental Institution, but we're still not sure why Libby was there. Unfortunately, only two short episodes later in Season 2, Episode 20 (Two for the Road) Libby dies at the hands of Michael while getting a blanket for a picnic with Hurley.  Sad moment for all fans rooting for Hurley to get a piece of ass. I've heard rumors that there will be a pay-off this season for all of us still scratching our heads about Libby.

3. James "Sawyer" Ford and Juliet Burke - From the moment Sawyer asked Juliet is she was "screwing" Jack yet and she responded "No, are you?" in Season 3, Episode 23 (Through the Looking Glass), fans around the world knew that the quick-tongued Sawyer had met his match.  It took a freighter explosion, time travel, and polyester jumpsuits to bring the two together, but I'm sure glad they did.  Much like my #4 couple pick, Sawyer and Juliet's relationship was too-short lived.  Juliet's ultimate sacrifice for Sawyer in Season 5, Episode 16 (The Incident), sealed me as a Suliet fan and her death was an emotional one for those who love love. Recently, we learned in Season 6, Episode 3 (What Kate Does) that Sawyer was planning to purpose to Juliet, but didn't have a chance before her death.  Let's hope they "go Dutch" sometime soon.

2. Jin and Sun Kwon - I'll be the first to admit I was not a fan of Jin during Season 1, but who was?  I believe their struggles in the beginning made their relationship that much sweeter for the viewers to watch.  They've been separated multiple times throughout the series, beginning with Jin's raft trip in Season 1, his capture by the Tailies early in Season 2, his trip to the freighter in Season 4 and his arrival in 1977 in Season 5, but they times they were together were wonderful.  We learned that the son of a fisherman and the daughter of an automotive giant met in South Korea a the Seoul Gateway Hotel and were married shortly after meeting.  Sun's father drives a wedge between the couple and Sun has an affair with a bald guy.  She thinks about leaving Jin, even learning English behind his back.  Things are rocky on the island to begin with, but later they conceive a child and begin planning their life off the island together.  We all know things don't work out that way for them.  My heart was ripped out during Season 4, Episode 13 (There's no Place Like Home, Part 2) when Sun screams after she watches the freighter that is carrying Jin explode.  We know that they're now in the same year (finally!) and I believe that one of the biggest viewer pay-offs will come when the two are reunited this season.

1. Desmond Hume and Penny (Widmore) Hume - Of course Desmond and Penny would be my number one choice!  The pair has had my heart since the very beginning.  Desmond and Penny were torn apart when Desmond decided that he couldn't be with her due to the urging of Eloise Hawking.  Desmond spends the next few years training for a trip around the world, to prove his worth to Penny's father, Charles Widmore.  When Desmond goes missing on the island, Penny spends unlimited time and resources to try to find him.  In Season 4, Episode 5 (The Constant) Desmond is able to place a phone call to Penny on the freighter and the connection saves his life.  I can't watch that scene without weeping uncontrollably. The two are reunited by the end of Season 4 and spend Season 5 together making baby Charlie on Our Mutal Friend, Desmond's boat.  Season 6, Episode 1 (LA X) brought us a glimpse of alternate-reality Desmond with a wedding ring, but is he still married to Penny?  We don't know, but I sure hope so.

There it is friends, a special love edition of the LOST Loophole. Did I leave out your favorite LOST couple? Let me know below!

Stop by tomorrow when I recap the strange, the kickass, and the hilarious parts of Season 6, Episode 3 (What Kate Does) to prep us for Tuesday's all new episode.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Rose and Bernard didn't make your list. Everyone seems to believe they are Adam and Eve! Plus they're awesome together. I love the scene in "The Incident" where Juliet, Kate, and Sawyer find them (with VINCENT!), and they could give two shits. Awesome.

kmlapham said...

Yes, in retrospect, Rose and Bernard were an oversight. Especially after seeing them together on Season 6, Episode 1 (LA X). They were so cute and so happy.

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