Revisiting the LOST Dead

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I hope you're all enjoying the visual updates to the blog. I'm trying to make it a bit more visually appealing, which will be an everlasting process I'm sure.  One thing I would like to point out, is that under each post there is a new option for commenting.  There are three boxes, one for interesting, one for fun, one for informative.  If you could take a minute to mark which you feel each day's post is after reading it, it will help me gauge how readers are reading the blog, and help me make The LOST Loophole better for you!

I hope everyone had a chance to catch some of the Opening Olympic Ceremonies last night, they were pretty awesome.  In celebration of Canada, I'd like to give a shout out to our favorite Canadian cast member, Evangeline Lilly, who was born in Alberta, Canada.  She attended the University of British Columbia, so she's no stranger to Vancouver. I hope Evie, as she's affectionately known on the set, will have some time to take pride in her home country over the next two weeks.

Last night's blog got me thinking a lot about the dead Losties and who may be making a return this season.  Many fans have been calling Season 6 the "Zombie" season, a nickname based on the assumption that we will be seeing a lot of dead characters before the show ends in May.  I thought it would be nice to have a comprehensive list of those who have lost their fictional lives over the past five seasons.

This list comes from my recently purchased copy of LOST's Buried Treasures, 3rd Edition by Lynnette Porter and David Lavery.

The list appears to be in quasi-alphabetical order.  When a name is not available, a description of the character who has died will take place. I've italicized the ones that have already appeared in Season 6, and bolded and made red (bold is a bit hard to see on here) those I think will show up again.

Matthew Abaddon
Leslie Arzt
Peter Avellino
Ishmael Bakir
Mikhail (Patchy) Bukunin
Ben's operative in the video tape
Brennen (member of Rousseau's team)
Tom Brennen
Edmund Burke
Juliet Burke
Boone Carlyle
Christian Shephard's patient
Co-pilot of Aljira 316
Anthony Cooper
Ana Lucia Cortez
Michael Dawson
DHARMA Initiative
Naomi Dorritt
Mister Eko
Daniel Faraday
Nikki Fernandez
Tom Friendly
Neil Frogurt
Captain Gault
Horace Goodspeed
Hostile (about to shoot Kate)
Hostile (attacking Amy and Paul)
Hostile (attacking Amy and Paul)
Kelvin Inman
Wayne Janssen (Kate's father)
Noor Abed Jazeem (Nadia)
Kahana Crew
Martin Keamy
Beatrice Klugh
Lacombe (member of Rousseau's party)
Jae Lee
Charlotte Staples Lewis
Roger Linus
John Locke
Edward Mars
Jason McCormick
George Minkowski
Montand (member of Rousseau's team)
Nadien (member of Rousseau's team)
Seth Norris (pilot of Oceanic 815)
Charlie Pace
Passengers of Oceanic 815
Colleen Pickett
Danny Pickett
Ryan Pryce
Stuart Radzinsky
Ray (doctor on freighter)
Ethan Rom
Danielle Rousseau
Robert Rousseau
Shannon Rutherford
Christian Shephard
Goodwin Stanhope
Talbot, Peter
Widmore (?) operative in Miles' audition
Widmore operative 1 at Sayid's safe house
Widmore operative 2 at Sayid's safe house
Widmore operative oustide Hurley's mental institution
Widmore operatives (numerous)

What do you think?  Anyone you'd especially like to see this season? Let me know below!

Join me tomorrow for a love LOST loophole edition!

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