Recap: Season 6, Episode 4 (The Substitute)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello fellow Losties! For my fellow Michiganders, I hope you all braved and survived the snow today.  Days like this make me want to move to a tropical island, no matter how many smoke monsters there are inhabiting the land.

Well, can you believe we're a night away from the 5th episode of this season? I'm super excited, and to get ready I rewatched Season 6, Episode 4 (The Substitute) so I could bring you the latest and greatest in The Strange, The Kick-Ass, and the Hilarious.

Off The Island

The Strange
1. When Helen is complaining to John Locke about the stresses of planning their wedding, she says that she wishes they could have a shot-gun style wedding in Vegas with her parents and his father.  It's strange that she would allude to the fact that Locke has a relationship with his father, since in the old reality Locke's father was responsible for his paralysis.
2. Unlike Jack and Kate before him, John Locke doesn't seem to recognize any of the other Losties, not even just a bit.
3. It appears that this John Locke has a fundamental philosophy shift from the John Locke before him.  The old John Locke was a man of faith, this new John Locke doesn't believe in things like miracles and is much more realistic.

The Kick-Ass
1. Locke and Helen are together. That's great!
2. John's interactions with Hurley, Rose, and Ben.
3. When John asks Helen to open his suitcase, and she just stares at the knives.  Wouldn't you be freaked out if your soon-to-be-husband had a suitcase full of knives? She didn't even look surprised.
4. I'd want Ben Linus to teach me European History, anyone else with me?

The Hilarious
1. Hugo calls Randy Nations a "douche". I didn't know you could say that word on primetime television.
2. John Locke teaching middle schoolers reproductive biology.

On The Island

The Strange
1. The young blonde boy with blood on his hands.  Who is he? Why can't Richard see him, but Flocke and Sawyer can?
2. The wall of names and numbers. Where's Kate's number? Is Kwon Jin, Sun, or Ji-Yeon?

The Kick-Ass
1. Getting to see the island from Smokey's POV was super sweet.
2. Sawyer's reference to Of Mice and Men.  Also one of my personal favorites.

The Hilarious
1. Sawyer's line about putting pants on.
2. Flocke's reference to an "inside joke" when he tosses the white stone into the ocean.
3. Why wouldn't Jacob keep the list of candidates in a much more practical place? Say, a piece of paper in his pocket?

Anything I missed? Let me know below!

I'll catch you tomorrow pre-episode for a list of the 42 questions I'd like to have answered tomorrow.

Till then!

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