Episode 6:05 (Lighthouse)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm a day late and always a dollar short, so please accept my sincerest apologies my fellow Losties.  But never fear, I was keeping track of the latest and greatest answers from this week's episode.

Before I begin, let's address last week's LOST poll, which was the closest poll we've had yet on The Lost Loophole.  Out of the seven people that took the poll, 4 of you think Kate is telling the truth and that she is innocent and 3 of you think that she is lying and is actually guilty.  Only time will tell my friends!  Make sure to weigh in on this week's poll.

Okay, down to business.

1. The numbers – First appearing in Episode 18 of Season 1 (Numbers), 4-8-15-16-23-42 have been part of LOST folklore from the very beginning. They help Hurley win the lottery, they must be typed into the hatch computer every 108 minutes or the world will end, they appear on Danielle’s map, they are the serial number on the door of The Swan, and they drive Leonard crazy, but what are their origins? With the Losties stuck in 1977, could Hurley actually be tied to the origin of the numbers that later drive him mad?

Okay, so this episode brought us more information about the numbers.  Each number cooresponds to a degree on the Lighthouse wheel.  The names of candidates are written on the Lighthouse wheel next to their cooresponding degree.  When the wheel is alligned to a particular number we could see a place attached to each candidate (i.e., Jack's childhood house, Sun and Jin's Temple, the church where Sawyer's parent's funeral was held). Holy cow.

2. Claire Littleton – Our favorite island mother has been missing since Season 4, Episode 10 (Something Nice Back Home). We know she saw her father, Christian Shephard, leaves Aaron behind, and wanders off in the jungle night with her dead dad but we don’t know why! What happened to Claire that could take her from doting mother to jungle wander? Why did she leave Aaron behind? We see her in Season 4, Episode 11 (Cabin Fever) seemingly relaxed and Aaron-free sitting in Jacob’s cabin with Christian, but again we receive no explanation of why she’s left her child behind. Let’s hope Season 6 gives us some Claire related clarity!
Claire's gone craaaazy.  She's been living in the jungle with her "friend" Flocke and her father Christian Shephard, escaping the Others for the last three years.  We also learned that they captured her at some point and took her to the Temple for some Sayid-style torture action.  She axed an Other in the chest and told Jin she was going to "kill" Kate if she raised Aaron, so it's fair to say she's a little hostile. 
9. Adam and Eve – In Season 1, Episode 6 (House of the Rising Sun) the Losties travel to some caves located in the interior of the island where they find two skeletons, one male, one female. Jack finds two stones on the bodies, one black, one white. The creators of LOST have said that the most common question they are asked is if they are making up the plot of the show as they go along, or if they have had it planned. They say that the long-term plot has been planned from the beginning, and in the end, viewers will be able to look back to Adam and Eve as proof that the creators always knew where the show was going to end. So this leads me to believe we will find out the identities of Adam and Eve, and they are probably characters we already know. Rose and Bernard, as the black and white stones may indicate? Sun and Jin, as the bodies first appear in a Sun-centered episode? Sawyer and Juliet, Jack and Kate, Aaron and Ji-Yeon, Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore? The possibilities are endless!
We saw Adam and Eve for the first time in 5 seasons! We're still not sure who they are, but you've got to wonder if what Hurley had to say (about time travel and Adam and Eve possibly being two of our favorite Losties) holds any water.
17. Charlotte Lewis’s back story - We know she’s an anthropologist who grew up on the island where her parents were members of the Dharma Initiative. We know she leaves the island with her mother but not her father and that she meets Daniel Faraday as a child and again as an adult who has returned to the island as a member of the freighter crew. We even know she’s not allowed a chocolate before dinner. But we still don’t know an awful lot about Charlotte, including who her father is and why this pretty British woman speaks fluent Korean. Even though she met her untimely death, I hope we hear more about Charlotte and the mystery that surrounds her character.
There was a Lewis on the Lighthouse wheel at number 104, making her a candidate.  In the cave, Lewis was listed as 140.  Production error? Or maybe someone copied the numbers from the Lighthouse to the cave and made a mistake?  Also, we're not positive the Lewis is Charlotte, it could also be her mother or father who were members of the DHARMA initiative.

39. Frank Lapidus is a candidate for what? – Lapidus first arrives on the island as a member of the freighter team, but we later learn that he was suppose to be the pilot of the ill-fated Oceanic 815. He brings the Oceanic Six to the freighter via the helicopter and returns to the island as the pilot of Ajira 316. When Illana’s team takes off in search of Richard Alpert and Jacob, Illana asks Lapidus the infamous question, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”. Lapidus doesn’t have the slightest idea, so she knocks him out. When he wakes up, the group tells him he may be “a candidate” and that he can come with them. What the heck is he a candidate for?
Frank wasn't on the Lighthouse wheel, and he wasn't on the cave wall.  I'm thinking he's not a candidate.

41. Why does Stuart Radzinski kill himself? – Definitely my most-hated Dharma character, we’re told that Stuart Radzinski shoots himself in the head while living in the Swan station. Radzinski plays an important role in the building of the Swan station throughout Season 5 and we know that eventually he works in the station with Kevin Inman. He paints a mysterious map of the island on the Swan blast door and edits the Swan Orientation video before he kills himself in the Swan. Does madness drive him to suicide or is there more to the Radzinski storyline?
106 on the Lighthouse wheel belongs to an "SRandzinski".  Is this our friend Stuart?
According to Lostpedia.com, Austen is listed as 51 on the Lighthouse wheel.  Seems likely that this could be Kate.  51 is the inverse of 15, which is Sawyer's number.  Could this be a hint to the love quadrangle outcome?


Sandi said...

So, after 5 seasons this is the first time I realized that the numbers add up to 108! Love your blog.

kmlapham said...

Thanks so much Sandi!

It does seem like 108 is the key to it all, so I was surprised to learn that Jacob's 108 was someone with the last name of Wallace, who we don't seem to know yet. Makes me excited to learn who she/he may be!

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