In Honor of Tiger Woods, LOST and Affairs

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's been dubbed, "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Yesterday, Tiger Woods broke his silence and stunned the world by admitting he had multiple affairs (I'm dripping with sarcasm here, folks). LOST has seen it's fair share of affairs, so let's revisit some of the most explosive cheating in LOST history.

Sun cheated on Jin with the bald-headed Jae Lee as we saw in Season 3, Episode 2 (The Glass Ballerina).  Sun learned English is hopes of moving to the United States with Jae Lee.  Jae Lee thinks the affair as been uncovered and throws himself out of a hotel window to his death, landing on Jin's car. There were questions surrounding the father of Sun's baby, but we learned that she did, in fact, conceive on the island, making Jin the father of Ji-Yeon.

On the island, Juliet is 'the other women' for married Goodwin Stanhope.  It was love at first sight, as they fell in love as Juliet was cleaning Goodwin's chemical burn in Season 4, Episode 6 (The Other Woman).  Soon, they're humping on the beach, but are found out by Goodwin's wife.  Ben Linus, jealous of Juliet and Goodwin, sends Goodwin to join the Tailies when the Oceanic 815 crash landed on the island.  Brash Ana Lucia killed him a few days later.

Jack Shephard has been affected by infidelity in many ways.  His first wife, Sarah Shephard, leaves Jack for a man she's been having an affair with, which leaves Jack heartbroken and paranoid.  Paranoia also leads Jack to believe that Kate is having an affair, or at least unnatural feelings for Sawyer still, and causes their breakup.

Other notable cases of cheating:

1. Claire Littleton is the result of an affair.  Her father, Christian Shephard, was married to Margo Shephard when he slept with Claire's mother Carol Littleton.

2. Kate Austen is also the result of an affair.  Her mother, Daine Janssen, had an affair with Wayne Janssan when she was in a relationship with Sam Austen.

3. Sawyer's mother had an affair with Mr. Sawyer (Anthony Cooper) and conned her out of $38,000 causing the death of Sawyer's parents.

4. Walt's mother, Susan Lloyd, had an affair with Brian Porter and eventually left Michael Dawson for Brian.

Lots of cheating going on in the world of LOST.

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