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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Tuesday another episode of LOST to enjoy.  Tonight's episode is the 6th episodes of this season, and is titled (highlight for details) Sundown.  If the pattern between Season 1 and Season 6 continues, tonight's episode will be a Sun/Jin centered episode.  According to TV Guide, "Sayid must make a difficult decision, while Claire has a warning for the temple inhabitants".  Should be another good one!

So what's on my agenda tonight? Here's my list.

1. The numbers – First appearing in Episode 18 of Season 1 (Numbers), 4-8-15-16-23-42 have been part of LOST folklore from the very beginning. They help Hurley win the lottery, they must be typed into the hatch computer every 108 minutes or the world will end, they appear on Danielle’s map, they are the serial number on the door of The Swan, and they drive Leonard crazy, but what are their origins? With the Losties stuck in 1977, could Hurley actually be tied to the origin of the numbers that later drive him mad?

2. Claire Littleton – Our favorite island mother has been missing since Season 4, Episode 10 (Something Nice Back Home). We know she saw her father, Christian Shephard, leaves Aaron behind, and wanders off in the jungle night with her dead dad but we don’t know why! What happened to Claire that could take her from doting mother to jungle wander? Why did she leave Aaron behind? We see her in Season 4, Episode 11 (Cabin Fever) seemingly relaxed and Aaron-free sitting in Jacob’s cabin with Christian, but again we receive no explanation of why she’s left her child behind. Let’s hope Season 6 gives us some Claire related clarity!

4. Flocke – As we know from Season 5, Episode 16 (The Incident) the Locke that returns to the island, is not the Locke that left the island. Commonly referred to as “Flocke” (fake + Locke = Flocke), he convinces Ben to kill Jacob, but not before Jacob recognizes Flocke as his nemesis. Who is this Flocke and how did he shift shape to look like John Locke? We know he doesn’t just take over Locke’s body, as Illana’s crew is hauling the body all over the island in search of Richard Alpert, so how exactly does he become John Locke? And does Jacob’s nemesis choose John Locke anyway? For how long has he been John Locke? Many fans postulate that Locke’s been Flocke since Ben shot him in Season 3, Episode 22 (Through the Looking Glass) , but we still don’t know for certain! Surely Flocke related mysteries will be resolved in Season 6.

9. Adam and Eve – In Season 1, Episode 6 (House of the Rising Sun) the Losties travel to some caves located in the interior of the island where they find two skeletons, one male, one female. Jack finds two stones on the bodies, one black, one white. The creators of LOST have said that the most common question they are asked is if they are making up the plot of the show as they go along, or if they have had it planned. They say that the long-term plot has been planned from the beginning, and in the end, viewers will be able to look back to Adam and Eve as proof that the creators always knew where the show was going to end. So this leads me to believe we will find out the identities of Adam and Eve, and they are probably characters we already know. Rose and Bernard, as the black and white stones may indicate? Sun and Jin, as the bodies first appear in a Sun-centered episode? Sawyer and Juliet, Jack and Kate, Aaron and Ji-Yeon, Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore? The possibilities are endless!

20. Aaron Littleton – is he meaningful to the island? – Born on the island in Season 1, Episode 20 (Do No Harm) Aaron Littleton has had a rough life. Bound for adoption, injected in-utero with the weird Dharma vaccine, kidnapped by Danielle, left in the jungle by his mother, taken back to the United States to be raised by Kate and Drunk-bearded Jack, and now in the loving care of Claire’s mother, rumors abound that Aaron is a very special little boy. Biblically speaking, Aaron is the son of Jacob, making him a significant piece of the island puzzle. Some even think Widmore is Aaron’s paternal grandfather, making the island connection to Aaron even stronger. Others speculate that Aaron died in-utero and was “resurrected” by Jacob’s nemesis. Still others think he’s the Adam of Adam and Eve. Much speculation for such a little boy!

25. Who does Illana work for? – Illana (no last name) crashes on the island in 2007 after escorting Sayid on Ajira 316. Once the plane has crashed she and a few other survivors (including Bram) stuff John Locke’s corpse into a giant metal box and begin wandering around the island to find Jacob’s cabin. When they find Jacob’s cabin deserted, Illana takes the group to the ‘shadow of the statue’ where she shows John Locke’s body to Richard Alpert. We’ve seen both Illana and Bram before, off the island. Illana is visited by Jacob in Season 5, Episode 16 (The Incident) where she says she will ‘help him’. Bram throws Miles into a van in Season 5, Episode 13 (Some Like it Hoth) and tells him not to work for Widmore. So how are they connected to Jacob and the island? How does Illana know her way around the island enough to find Jacob’s cabin and the statue? Who do they work for, who are the “good guys”?

29. Why did the Others choose Cindy and the children? – Cindy was a flight attendant on Oceanic 815 and a survivor of the crash with the other Tailies. She went missing when the Tailies were journeying to the beach camp along with Zach and Emma. We later learn that they’ve been living with the Others and Cindy and Emma come to talk to Jack when he’s captured at the Hydra station in Season 3, Episode 9 (Stranger in a Strange Land). Jack asks Cindy why she’s with the Others. She tells him that they are there “to watch”. So why Cindy, Emma, and Zach out of all of the survivors? What’s Cindy’s connection to the Others and did it exist before the crash?

34. Why isn’t the island done with Desmond yet? – My favorite Scotsman, Desmond has a unique gift that makes him a central character in the story of the island. We know that Desmond spent time as a monk, in the Royal Scottish Regiment, and as a set designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company, but he’s one of the only main character’s whose childhood is still a mystery to loyal viewers. Are there clues to Desmond’s special powers hidden in his childhood? In Season 5, Episode 6 (316) Eloise Hawking tells Desmond that the island isn’t done with him yet. So what does the island have in store for Desmond and will it take him away from Penny again (I’m just not sure I can bare that pain again!).

40. Who’s coming? - When Jacob bites the dust at the hands of Ben in Season 5, Episode 16 (The Incident) he’s last words to Flocke are “They’re coming”. Then he burns to death. I’ve got no idea who’s coming, do you?

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We have the first 5 seasons on DVD and I can't wait for Season 6 to come out. I plan to camp in front of the tv and watch them all back to back!

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