Recap: Season 6, Episode 5 (Lighthouse)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello Losties!

It's that time of the week again! Time to recap the strange, the kick-ass, and the hilarious portions of last week's episode, Lighthouse.

Off The Island

The Strange

1. Jack has a son and we're unsure of who his mother is.
2. Dogen's appearance on the mainland at David's musical audition.

The Kick-Ass

1. Somehow, Jack is still related to Claire. I'm very glad that there's still something’s in this new reality that are the same.

The Hilarious

1. Can we talk about why Jack's a top notch spinal surgeon who drives a crappy car and lives in a crappy apartment?
2. Jack’s teenage son reads Alice in Wonderland?

On The Island

The Strange

1. Claire's creepy skeleton baby in her hut.
2. The Lighthouse in general. The numbers and names on the wheel, the mirrors, never noticing a giant Lighthouse before.
3. Flocke as Claire's "friend".

The Kick-Ass

1. "I just lied to a samurai." - Hurley
2. The opportunity to revisit Adam and Eve after 101 episodes. I can't wait to know how they are!

The Hilarious

1. Hurley said "dude" 14 times this episode.

There we go! Tomorrow's episode should be another one chucked full of answers, even if they are only partial. I'll review which questions out of the 42s I hope to see tomorrow!


James said...

It will be interesting to see what happens next. After watching the episodes of this season I can say it with conviction that the lost episodes this season are going great guns.

Adam said...

I'm excited to see what happens tonight as well.

But I'm still unconvinced that "Adam" and "Eve" demonstrate the writers' long term plans. It could have just as easily simply been another place in which they merely used the black and white motif, coming back later to use it to help fill in more gaps. (possibly... we'll see!)

Now I'm not saying that detracts from the show's value - it's still excellent - but I find it hard to believe they had Jacob envisioned all along when he wasn't even mentioned till the end of season 5. Now if they had actually had the character appear "randomly" throughout every season up to this point, without explanation, and then revealed his significance, that would have been more impressive.

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