Recap 6:08 Recon

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy new LOST Week! I don't know how you couldn't be excited for this week's episode, which is centered around Richard Alpert and his life. We've been waiting so long to learn more about Richard and now we're going to get (what I hope is) a big payoff.

Thanks again to all of you who voted in the LOST Loophole Poll. It was fitting, since last week's episode centered on Sawyer, that we take a short look back on some of Sawyer's best nicknames ever. "Mr. Clean", which he quipped at John Locke, won fan favorite, hands down. Don't forget to vote in this week's new poll!

Let's recap last week's episode. Recon centered around Sawyer, and I was glad to see his on-island and off-island life.


The Strange

1. James Ford is still looking for Anthony Cooper so he can kill him. So while Sawyer's profession has changed, his underlying life-goal is still the same. What is LOST trying to tell us?

2. Miles's father is alive. Is his father still Dr. Chang (one would assume)? If he is Dr. Chang, was he ever one the island or part of DHARMA?

3. It surely seemed like Charlotte wasn't looking for a t-shirt when she was going through Sawyer's dresser drawer. What was she looking for? Does she work for someone? What's going on with this?

4. There was another mirror in this episode. I'm telling you, there's something with mirrors this season.

The Kick-Ass

1. Sawyer's job as a LAPD officer involves him sleeping with attractive women. Can you think of a better job for Sawyer?

2. Miles is his partner, the clock in the motel room was set at 8:42, and the safe word was "LaFluer". We started out this episode with lots of great island reminders.

3. Miles says Sawyer "You don't want to die alone." The theme of living together or dying alone lives on off the island!

4. The books on James Ford's dresser were all books he read on the island. The titles were Watership Down, A Wrinkle in Time, and Lancelot.

5. One of the main character traits of Sawyer on the island is his knowledge pop culture. He still seems to be a pop culture junky, referring to Indiana Jones, Bullitt and watching Little House on the Prairie. He told Kate on the island that he liked Little House.

The Hilarious

1. Sawyer brings a yellow flower to Charlotte to make up for his behavior the night before. He also brings a yellow flower to Juliet on the island when they lived together. He's got the same lady skills both on and off the island.

2. Sawyer's trademark "Son of a bitch" when he catches a fugitive Kate.


The Strange

1. The moment between Flocke and the children, Zach and Emma. Does he have a soft spot for children? He seems to care a lot about Aaron too, who he's never even met.

2. What the heck is wrong with Sayid? There's something seriously wrong with him.

3. Claire and Kate's reconciliation. Is it for real? Will Claire try to hurt Kate again? Will Kate help Claire find her sanity?

4. When Flocke is speaking with Kate about having a crazy mother, is he talking about John Locke's mom, Emily? She was a bit crazy, but he didn't have much of a relationship with her. So who's Flocke's mom and why was she crazy?

5. What's in Widmore's locked room on his sub?

6. Who is Sawyer really with, Widmore, Flocke, Kate, no one?

The Kick-Ass

1. We saw both Sawyer and Jin again, who've been missing for the last few episodes. I'm glad to know they were together and safe.

2. Tying up the Ajira storyline. I'm glad we've closed the door on what happened to the survivors of the Ajira flight.

The Hilarious

1. Did Zoe (the women Sawyer found on the Hydra island) look like Tina Fey or what?

Did you see something I missed?  Let me know below!

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