Episode 6:08 Recon

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I thought last night's episode was fantastic, especially the off-island flash-sideways.  I know that a lot of LOST fans are still not sure about the flash-sideways, but I'm really beginning to like them.  Sawyer's flash-sideways was full of on-island reminders and I absolutely love the relationship between Miles and Sawyer. What did you all think?

Anyhow, let's get into the questions that were discussed last night.

2. Claire Littleton – Our favorite island mother has been missing since Season 4, Episode 10 (Something Nice Back Home). We know she saw her father, Christian Shephard, leaves Aaron behind, and wanders off in the jungle night with her dead dad but we don’t know why! What happened to Claire that could take her from doting mother to jungle wander? Why did she leave Aaron behind? We see her in Season 4, Episode 11 (Cabin Fever) seemingly relaxed and Aaron-free sitting in Jacob’s cabin with Christian, but again we receive no explanation of why she’s left her child behind. Let’s hope Season 6 gives us some Claire related clarity!

We learned a bit more about Claire tonight.  First we saw her creepy skeleton baby again, which she told Kate was "all she had". Again, super creepy.  She also attacked Kate, which we've been waiting for all season.  What was surprising was Flocke's reaction to the fight.  He pulled Claire off of Kate and smacked her in the face.  Flocke later tells Kate that he told Claire the Others took Aaron, in order to give her something to hate. WHAT!? Essentially he's responsible for driving Claire crazy.  Which is strange since Flocke doesn't think Claire is capable of raising Aaron because she is nuts.  Weird.  Also, what does it mean that Flocke had a crazy mother?  He says his mother was crazy "before he looked like this", so he's not refering to Locke's mom, but his own past.  Hmmm.

14. Love quadrangle – Who ends up with who? – Don’t pretend you don’t want to know. Are you a Jate (Jack and Kate), a Skate (Sawyer and Kate), a Suliet (Sawyer and Juliet), or a Jacket (Jack and Juliet)? Whoever you’re rooting for, let’s hope this complex love story gets wrapped up in Season 6.

When Sawyer tracked back to the polar bear cages and looked longingly at Kate's dress in the place where they first humped, it was evident that he still has feelings for her.  He also promised tonight to get her off the island. Sawyer's "with" Flocke and Jack's "with" Jacob, so Kate will essentially have to choose between Flocke and Jacob through her choice of Sawyer or Jake.  Crazy!

17. Charlotte Lewis’s back story - We know she’s an anthropologist who grew up on the island where her parents were members of the Dharma Initiative. We know she leaves the island with her mother but not her father and that she meets Daniel Faraday as a child and again as an adult who has returned to the island as a member of the freighter crew. We even know she’s not allowed a chocolate before dinner. But we still don’t know an awful lot about Charlotte, including who her father is and why this pretty British woman speaks fluent Korean. Even though she met her untimely death, I hope we hear more about Charlotte and the mystery that surrounds her character.

No back story, but we did get to see Charlotte again.  She was looking much better than the nose-bleeding Charlotte we last saw in Season 5.  Do we think she was still a child on the island when her parents were part of DHARMA? We know she's still an anthropologist, but that's about it.  I wonder if we'll learn more about her this season.

18. Why can’t Ben kill Widmore? – In Season 4, Episode 9 (The Shape of Things to Come), Ben travels off the island Ben visits Widmore in his bedroom in the middle of the night. Widmore asks Ben if he’s come to kill him and Ben replies “we both know I can’t do that.” Why would this be? What is the relationship between these two characters and how will it end? Is one man good and the other man bad? Does the Widmore/Ben relationship shadow the Jacob/Man in Black relationship? I’m sure we’ll learn more about this relationship in Season 6.

So Widmore is back, making deals with Sawyer.  Is he really there for Flocke? I don't think so.  He's there to control the island, and I think he's there to do some damage to Ben Linus.  Also, what the heck is in the locked door on the sub?  I recently heard a theory on the Jay and Jack Lost Podcast, that I think could hold the answer to the locked door.  In Season 5, Ben was only able to go back to the island because he was on the plane with people who were suppose to go back to the island (Jack, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, Kate).  We also know that Charles Widmore has not been able to make it back to the island until now.  So why can he find the island now, but not before? Because DESMOND IS IN THE LOCKED ROOM.  We know the island isn't done with Desmond yet, therefore he is able to return and bring Chuck Widmore with him (against Desmond's will would be my guess). Come on, it makes sense.

Also interestingly enough, this episode began the same way Season 1, Episode 8 (Confidence Man) began, with Sawyer in bed with a woman that he was "conning".  Confidence Man was the first Sawyer centric episode of the series. It is also the episode in which Sawyer reads Watership Down, which appears on his dresser in last night's episode.

All in all, great episode.  But, I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for next week.

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Anna (Sweden) said...

The thing that really confused me about the last episode is why Sawyer and Miles did not know eachoter when they met on the island the first time. If the flashsideways indiocates what would have happened if the plane never crashed on the island, then Sawyer and Miles already worked together before the crash and naturally would have knopwn eachother ones they met on the island.

Or am i missing something here?

kmlapham said...

I can understand your confusion Anna. But I think what the creators are saying with the flash-sideways is that the characters never go to the island. So Sawyer and Miles would never meet on the island, because they would have never crashed.

Does that make a bit more sense?

It's all so confusing!!

Jeffrey said...

I don't think the flash sideways are necessarily what would happen if they'd never gone to the island, as in Dr. Linus we learned that Ben & his father did go the island but left. The creators have said that at some point the two timelines will converge; I'm getting so anxious!

Thus, when Miles and Sawyer met for the first time ON the island, they genuinely didn't know each other, because neither of them were cops-Sawyer was a con man and Miles talked to dead people. If the Jughead hadn't exploded, then the two would never have worked together in the first place.

Anna (Sweden) said...

now I think I understand, I was so sure the sideway flashes was all about what would have happened if the plane never had crashed. I didnt even think of that their passed could have changed somehow. Am already worrying about the end, will we get all the answers?
Am currently watching season 2 all over again and there are several things that happened then that I either missed the explanations of or that we are yet waiting to have explained to us (like: what happened to the kids from the back of the plane - those that the others took? And why did Sharon see a soaked Walt?)

PS, here in Sweden season 6 is still not on yet so I am watching the episodes on line. Without the subtitles in Swedish I am probably missing some important pieces.

kmlapham said...

Thanks Jeffrey, that makes total sense! I agree about the timelines converging. I wonder how this will happen. I've heard theories that the characters will have to choose between the two lives, though I have no idea how this would happen.

I've also heard theories that if a character dies in either timeline, they're life would be in the other. Which would mean there's a Juliet walking around the flash-sideways, right?

Anna - I can't imagine watching online and in a foreign language. I'm sorry about that! As for Season 2, the kids from the back of the plane (Zach and Emma) are with Cindy (the flight attendant). We saw them this season in the Temple and now they're following Flocke. As for Walt, that is still a question that needs to be answered. We know he's special, but that's about it. I hope that we see more of Walt this season.

Anna (Sweden) said...

aha, thanks for clearing that out (about the kids)

JohnnyMartin said...

Sawyer is conning Flocke.

Remember my words! Remember them!

Sandi said...

I love the Sawyer/Miles connection. But I do NOT want Sawyer and Kate to be together. I'm totally tired of Kate. And I really like the Desmond possibility. Can't wait for tonight's episode.

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