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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi all! Happy Thursday.  For all of you living in Michigan, I hope you are all enjoying the weather.  For readers elsewhere, I'm sure your weather is always better than ours in Michigan anyway!

Thanks to all who voted in the latest LOST Loophole poll.  Juliet was voted the most likely to be David Shephard's mom, followed by "I've got no idea!".  Libby and Sarah also recieved votes.  Make sure to cast your vote in this week's new poll.

I took some time to poke around YouTube, which offers tons of LOST related videos.  I've posted a few today for you to enjoy!

This video is a side by side recap of the Oceanic 815 flights.  It's really interesting to see the similarities and the differences between the crashed plane and the one that landed.

This video stars one of my favorite LOSTies, and will absolutely make you chuckle.

Finally, the Season 4 finale brought us the answer to one of LOST's greatest mysteries, revealing who was in the coffin. In order to keep the secret, the creators taped a few different versions of the ending. Take a look to see who else they stuck in the casket.

Do you know of any great LOST videos? Post them in the comments below!

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