Special Double Edition: Recap 6:06 (Sundown) and What Will We Learn Tonight?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This last week was super busy, so I apologize for my neglect of this blog, but I assure you that I am back on the horse for good!

First, I'd like to give two special LOST Loophole congratulations to two Losties that won Academy Awards this last Sunday.  First is LOST musical composer Michael Giacchino who won an Oscar for Original Score for the movie Up!.  Next, Fisher Stevens, who played George Minkowski, one of the freightor folk, who suffered from a nasty nose bleed and died in Season 4 of LOST, won an Oscar for Best Documentary for The Cove, which he produced.  Nice work boys!

I rewatched Sundown last night and picked up on a few things, though I've got to admit, there weren't a whole lot of funny parts in last week's episode. It was incredibly dark, especially with the creepy rendition of "Catch a Falling Star" at the end.

Off Island

The Strange
1. Nadia's married to Omer, Sayid's brother.  Sayid and Nadia obviously have some history together, and she claims Sayid pushed her towards Omer, but what's the real deal here?  Sayid was always so in love in Nadia that it just doesn't seem right that they're not together in his flash-sideways.  Why does Sayid's life suck compared to the other flash-sideways which at least have minimal improvements for our Losties?
2. Sayid says that he "does not deserve" Nadia because of all the terrible things he did as an Iraqi interrogator.  What did he do? Why the self inflicted pain? 
3. Is Martin Keamy the top dog, or does he still work for Charles Widmore?

The Kick-Ass
1. Jack Shephard's appearance at St. Sabastian Hospital.
2. Martin Keamy.  That guy is super creepy, but amazing!  I'd eat his eggs, if you know what I mean, wink, wink.
3. Speaking of Martin Keamy, he's definately wearing a watch, though we can't see any details of the watch.  Could it be the one Jin was bringing from Mr. Pak? 
4. Jin's in a freezer.  That's all.

The Hilarious
1. Do all bad guys drive around in black SUVs?

On Island

The Strange
1. The baseball.  At least we know what it means now.
2. No blood when Sayid stabs Flocke.  Jacob died when he was stabbed, but Flocke doesn't.  Can he die?
3. The reunion of Kate and Claire.  Will Claire kill Kate? I'm hoping for a good cat fight sometime soon.
4. Dogen's deal with Jacob.  If Jacob is so good, why would he take Dogen away from his son forever?  Sounds like a deal someone would make with the devil to me.

The Kick-Ass
1. The fight scene between Sayid and Dogen was, hands down, one of the best fights in Lost history involving a broom.
2. Smokey really gave it to the Others.  He's not messing around.

The Hilarious
I've got nothing. Sad episode.
So, I heard on the latest edition of the Jay and Jack LOST Podcast that this season is split into three acts, each comprising of 6 episodes. The first act ended with last week's episode, so we're moving into a new act with tonight's episode. Exciting!
Tonight's episode is called (highlight for answer) Dr. Linus.  According to TV Guide, "Ben must deal with the consequences of a lie."  Wow, Ben's told so many lies, I can't imagine which one this episode will deal with.  Also, Charles Widmore, Alex, and Dr. Arzt as listed as guest stars.
So, what will we learn tonight? Here's my wish list.
1. The numbers – First appearing in Episode 18 of Season 1 (Numbers), 4-8-15-16-23-42 have been part of LOST folklore from the very beginning. They help Hurley win the lottery, they must be typed into the hatch computer every 108 minutes or the world will end, they appear on Danielle’s map, they are the serial number on the door of The Swan, and they drive Leonard crazy, but what are their origins? With the Losties stuck in 1977, could Hurley actually be tied to the origin of the numbers that later drive him mad?
4. Flocke – As we know from Season 5, Episode 16 (The Incident) the Locke that returns to the island, is not the Locke that left the island. Commonly referred to as “Flocke” (fake + Locke = Flocke), he convinces Ben to kill Jacob, but not before Jacob recognizes Flocke as his nemesis. Who is this Flocke and how did he shift shape to look like John Locke? We know he doesn’t just take over Locke’s body, as Illana’s crew is hauling the body all over the island in search of Richard Alpert, so how exactly does he become John Locke? And does Jacob’s nemesis choose John Locke anyway? For how long has he been John Locke? Many fans postulate that Locke’s been Flocke since Ben shot him in Season 3, Episode 22 (Through the Looking Glass) , but we still don’t know for certain! Surely Flocke related mysteries will be resolved in Season 6.
5. The Black Rock – A British trading ship that is shipwrecked in the Dark Territory of the island, we’re not sure how a giant ship ended up on the middle of the island. According to the first mate’s journal in Season 4, Episode 5 (The Constant) the ship left England in 1845 and sailed towards modern-day Thailand. The journal was found with pirate artifacts on an island off the coast of Madagascar and was owned by the Hanso family (think Dharma Initiative financing) until it was auctioned off to Charles Widmore in 1996. Who was on the boat? What brought the Black Rock to the island? How did the journal get to Madagascar? So many questions, hopefully enough time to answer them all!

7. Richard Alpert – If you have a pulse and are a fan of LOST, you’ve got to be wondering what the heck is going on with Richard Alpert (and I’m not talking about his guyliner)! He claims that Jacob gave him the ability to never age (can I get that in a bottle?), but we’re still not sure why. What brought Richard to the island? Why did Jacob select him to be his ‘advisor’? Does he have a relationship with Jacob’s nemesis? How old is this guy? One of my burning Richard-related questions comes from Season 3, Episode 20 (The Man Behind the Curtain). Richard meets young-Ben in the jungle, and this is the only time Richard’s appearance is different. His hair is long, his clothes are disheveled – what’s up with this? Why isn’t he clean cut Richard we’ve seen ever since? Weird. Let’s hope for some Alpert back story in Season 6.
18. Why can’t Ben kill Widmore? – In Season 4, Episode 9 (The Shape of Things to Come), Ben travels off the island Ben visits Widmore in his bedroom in the middle of the night. Widmore asks Ben if he’s come to kill him and Ben replies “we both know I can’t do that.” Why would this be? What is the relationship between these two characters and how will it end? Is one man good and the other man bad? Does the Widmore/Ben relationship shadow the Jacob/Man in Black relationship? I’m sure we’ll learn more about this relationship in Season 6.

20. Aaron Littleton – is he meaningful to the island? – Born on the island in Season 1, Episode 20 (Do No Harm) Aaron Littleton has had a rough life. Bound for adoption, injected in-utero with the weird Dharma vaccine, kidnapped by Danielle, left in the jungle by his mother, taken back to the United States to be raised by Kate and Drunk-bearded Jack, and now in the loving care of Claire’s mother, rumors abound that Aaron is a very special little boy. Biblically speaking, Aaron is the son of Jacob, making him a significant piece of the island puzzle. Some even think Widmore is Aaron’s paternal grandfather, making the island connection to Aaron even stronger. Others speculate that Aaron died in-utero and was “resurrected” by Jacob’s nemesis. Still others think he’s the Adam of Adam and Eve. Much speculation for such a little boy!
25. Who does Illana work for? – Illana (no last name) crashes on the island in 2007 after escorting Sayid on Ajira 316. Once the plane has crashed she and a few other survivors (including Bram) stuff John Locke’s corpse into a giant metal box and begin wandering around the island to find Jacob’s cabin. When they find Jacob’s cabin deserted, Illana takes the group to the ‘shadow of the statue’ where she shows John Locke’s body to Richard Alpert. We’ve seen both Illana and Bram before, off the island. Illana is visited by Jacob in Season 5, Episode 16 (The Incident) where she says she will ‘help him’. Bram throws Miles into a van in Season 5, Episode 13 (Some Like it Hoth) and tells him not to work for Widmore. So how are they connected to Jacob and the island? How does Illana know her way around the island enough to find Jacob’s cabin and the statue? Who do they work for, who are the “good guys”?
It's an ambious list, I understand, but we didn't get much last week, so I'm hoping for a bit more this week.
As always, you can access all 42 questions by clicking here.


Sandi said...

The Catch a Fallin Star song - wasn't Kate singing that to Aaron in their home after they all were rescued? I seem to remember it from another episode.

brett said...

I wouldn't put my money on anything TV guide says in the episode description..they've just been wrong so many times.


kmlapham said...

Sandi -

Yes, Kate sang that song to Aaron, and Claire requested that the adoptive parents sing it to him as well. When we learned that Christian Shephard is Claire dad, he also learn that he sang the same song to Claire. Creepy!

Brett -

I agree. TV Guide is a terrible resource and I can't believe I thought they were reliable ;)

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