Recap 6:07 (Dr. Linus)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another week, another recap!  I thought Episode 6:07, Dr. Linus, was a really fantastic episode and I was excited to rewatch it.  Let's recap.

Off The Island

The Strange
1. John Locke convinces Ben to take down the principal of the high school, which is eerily similar to when Flocke convinced Ben to kill Jacob, the leader of the island.
2. Roger Linus alludes to the DHARMA initative.  This is the first time that we've heard of DHARMA during a flash-sideways.
3. Alex has a confederate flag on her back pack.

The Kick-Ass
1. Ben's lesson at the beginning of the episode is on Napoleon Bonaparte, a short man who was banished to an island, where he was devestated by the loss of his power. The similarities are scary.
2. Ben is once again must decide between his own power-hungry nature and Alex's well being.  This time, he chooses Alex, which is awesome.

The Hilarious
1. Dr. Arzt has something on his shirt. In the Season 1 finale (Exodus), he was the something on Jack's shirt.
2. Ben's giving his dad oxygen, a much different kind of gas than he gave his father duirng Season 3, Episode 20 (The Man Behind the Curtain) when Ben killed him.
3. Alex is not a high school student. No way. She's like 26 years old.

On The Island
The Strange
1. We learned that Richard came to the island on The Black RockThe Black Rock set sail from England, but Richard isn't English, so what's up with that?
2. Richard can't kill himself and Jacob's touch is a curse. What does this all mean?

The Kick-Ass
1. Ben didn't die.
2. Charles Widmore's returning to the island. Is he the "they" Jacob was talking about when he said "they're coming"?

The Hilarious
1. Hurley's dreaming of cheese curds.
2. Miles takes the diamonds from Nikki and Paulo's grave.

I'll be back tomorrow with my wish list for tomorrow's episode.

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