Recap 6:12 (Everybody Loves Hugo)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I don't know a single person who doesn't love Hurley, so I think this title is spot on and so was the episode.  A nice continuation of Episode 11 (Happily Ever After) and the LONG awaited return of Libby made this episode of Season 6 amazing.  Additionally, the baby photos used at the beginning of this episode are actually Jorge Garcia and who wasn't wondering what a little Hurley actually looked like?!

So what did we learn from Episode 12?

10. Libby – Gasps were heard around the world when Michael shot Libby at the end of Season 2 and LOST fans have been waiting for the show to wrap up the Libby plot line for four seasons. So why was she in the Santa Rose Mental Hospital with Hurley? And why didn’t they recognize each other on the island years later? Online rumors abound that the Libby story will not be tackled in Season 6, because Cynthia Watros (a Michigan native) won’t return to Hawaii to pick up the Libby role, but I hope the creators find a way to wrap it up with or without her.

So Libby's alive and well (well, kind of well) in the flash-sideways world.  It was great to see Libby and Hurley together again, smooching on the beach like they never got to before.  It seems like Libby is Hurley's "constant"; the connection between his two worlds. 

26. Hurley’s dead people visions – is he just crazy? – We know Hurley’s had a couple of stints in Santa Rosa Mental Institution, but are his visions really just a result of his mental instability? Desmond’s visions meant his consciousness could move through time, so do Hurley’s visions mean more than meets the eye?

Hurley's ability to speak with the dead is really benefiting him this season.  He's been able to utilize this skill to take more control than he's ever been able to have before.  I'm glad that this trait has proved to be good.

37. Why does the island whisper? – The whispers are one of the original island mysteries. Many have speculated that the voices are the island’s dead trying to communicate with the living. Others think that the voices may be in a parallel reality and the island is the point where these two worlds meet. Other theories include the Others and Smokey. Who knows? Not me! What I do know is that the whispers have occurred in every season, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more whispers in Season 6.

Michael returned to clear up an old school LOST mystery.  The whispers are the dead, stuck on the island, unable to move on.  Nice.
How about the latest edition of The Strange, The Kick-Ass, and The Hilarious?  Okay, if you insist!
Off Island
The Strange
1. It took near death experiences for Desmond and Charlie to see their loves.  Libby says she was watching TV when she saw Hurley and felt something.  Is this true or did something else happen?
2.How did Desmond know Hurley and Libby would be at that beach? Creepy.
3. Why did Desmond hit John Locke with his car.  Revenge?  To bring John Locke and Jack together? Something I'm missing?
The Kick-Ass
1. Dr. Chang and the statue Hurley got of a dinosaur. Awesome.
2. Hurley was being honored for donating money to the Golden State Natural History Museum.  This is where Charlotte works and where Eloise Widmore was hosting her dinner in Episode 11 (Happily Ever After).
3. Hurley's grandpa is alive in this reality.  In the old one, he died right after Hurley won the lotto, because Hurley was "unlucky".
4. Desmond was number 42 at Mr. Clucks. 
The Hilarious
1. Hurley's mom Carmen is just as worried about him finding a women in this reality as she was in the old one.
2. There was an island drawing on the chalk board of the Santa Rosa Mental Institution rec room. Also, someone was paying Connect Four, which is the game Leonard played at the institution when he used to utter the numbers. 
On Island
The Strange
1. Richard, Miles, and Ben splitting off from the group.  Where did they go?  Are they okay?
2. The child in the jungle is back.  Desmond could see him and the boy smiled at him.  Why?
The Kick-Ass
1. The reappearance of Michael.  Since this is the last season I'd like to see as many of the original LOSTies as possible. 
2. Illana exploding.  Whoa.
3. Hurley taking charge.
The Hilarious

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It appears to this viewer that Frank was kept in story only to make plausible the 'possibility' of Flocks group using the passenger jet to leave Hydra Island. Without Frank Lapidus in tow that senerio would have to be moved to "The Hilarious" catagory

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