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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Updates on the final LOST episode ever:

1. It will be two and a half hours long.  Not two hours.  Sweet.

2. It's called "The End".

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JohnnyMartin said...

Prediction for how lost is going to end, and I have to post it so that I can keep it for later to prove to people I figured it out (if I in fact, did).

Don't read on if you don't want to see what it possible could be (but let's be honest... probably isn't). 3.2.1. Let's go:

The Original Timeline and Flash Sideways Timeline is going to merge in an unexpected way. Jack will become the new Jacob. Locke will be trapped on the Island.

The Flash Sideways though will finish linking all the constants and the characters together, thus making them all aware of their other life in the Original Timeline.

Jack in the Flash Sideways will become aware of his role in the Original Timeline as the new Jacob, and go forth in bringing the rest of the passengers together with the help of Desmond for an Ajira flight.

Jack in the Original Timeline will use the Jack in the Flash Sideways as his conduit to bring back everyone from the Flash Sideways into the Original Timeline who are important to the island.

Thus, the show will end with everyone dying sans Jack and Locke in the Original Timeline, and Jack will use the Jack in the Flash Sideways to bring back the main players to the island to start anew. This is how the two timelines will converge, and all will be well.

Its wild, and probably won't happen at all... but I wouldn't be surprised if something kind of like it happens.

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