Possible Constants?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Since Episode 11 (Happily Ever After), I've been thinking about who will be each others "constants".  By constant, I mean that people who are on the island together, and are now meeting in the flash-sideways, may be the key to helping each other remember their island lives.  We know Charlie saw Claire, Desmond saw Penny, and Hurley and Libby are each other's constants, but who else is connected?  Well, I've developed a chart with possible constants.  Each line is numbered and I've listed an explanation below.  The graphic is a bit hard to see, so the numbers begin at the top and follow from left to right.  You can also click on the graphic to see it close up.

1. Kate Austen and Jack Shephard - They've always been connected on the island and were together for a while off the island during Seasons 4 and 5, they were even engaged before Jack went on a bender with alcohol and pills.  I also think there was a brief look of recognition between them when Jack and Kate bumped into each other on the plane.  And in Episode 3 (What Kate Does) she spots Jack outside the airport while she's in the taxi cab.  She definitely has a moment of "Do I know you?". 

2. Daniel Faraday and Charlotte Lewis - In Episode 11 (Happily Ever After) Daniel tells Desmond that he saw Charlotte in the museum and had a feeling of love wash over him, like he had already loved her.  Constants?  I'd say so, though we've yet to see either of them actually together in the flash-sideways.

3. Charlotte Lewis and James "Sawyer" Ford - In Episode 8 (Recon) Sawyer and Charlotte go on a date and end up back in Sawyer's bed.  Now the pair didn't exchange any looks of recognition but Charlotte did seem extra interested in Sawyer's underwear drawer.

4. James "Sawyer" Ford and Kate Austen - Fate seems to keep bringing these two lovers back together in the flash-sideways world.  First in the airport elevator, then in the alley when Kate's car hit Sawyers, and now in the police station.  Again, the two haven't shared any looks of recognition, but maybe they need a big old smooch like Hurley and Libby to send them back to island time.

5. Daniel Faraday and Desmond Hume - No looks of recognition during their conversation in Episode 11 (Happily Ever After), but all I have to say is, "If all else fails, Desmond Hume is my constant".

6. Desmond Hume and Penny Widmore - I think we can confirm this one.  Penny has always been Desmond's constant and the flash-sideways world is no different. 

7. James "Sawyer" Ford and Sayid Jarrah - Well, we're getting to the end of the season, and these two guys have been brought together in the flash-sideways.  Could they remind each other of the island?  I'm not sure, because they didn't exactly have a strong connection on the island, but since they're together now, they could be each other's link.

8. Kate Austen and Aaron Littleton - I'm not sure a constant can be an unborn baby, but Kate surely had an emotional reaction to the whale toy that she pulled out of Claire's bag.  And I don't think it was because Kate felt any guilt for stealing from a pregnant lady.  Could Aaron be Kate's connection back to the island?

9. Jack Shephard and Desmond Hume - In the season premiere, Jack had a difficult time placing where he knew Desmond from. Could it possibly be Jack was having a few memories of their time together on the island?

10. Jack Shephard and John Locke - Desmond hit John Locke with his car, forcing him into the surgery room of Dr. Jack Shephard.  The two have always been polar opposites (the man of science v. the man of faith) and now it seems that Jack is the likely candidate to replace Jacob and protect the world from Flocke.  Could bringing these two together bring them back to their island memories?  I think I'd bet my money on it.

11. Sun Kwon and John Locke - Seeing Locke at the hospital sent Sun into a panic in Episode 13 (The Last Recruit).  She must have been seeing Flocke, not Locke, but why?  It doesn't seem to follow that Locke would be Sun's constant, you would think that would be Jin's role, but he's the only one who has sent Sun back to the island.

12. Sun Kwon and Jin Kwon - It seems that true love tends to prevail in the world of constants, so it seems like Sun and Jin should be each others. 

13. Jack Shephard and Claire Littleton - Brother and sister, helping each other remember the island?  I'm not betting money on it, but stranger things have happened.  Also, they're tied together now in the flash-sideways plot line.

14. John Locke and Ben Linus - These two characters definitely have some on-island history, and now they're teaching at the same school.  Again, they haven't shared any "Do I know you?" moments, but I still think they could be each other's key.

15. Claire Littleton and Charlie Pace - Charlie saw Claire in his 'almost-dead' dreams, remembering how much he loved her in another time.  Now, if they're reunited in the flash-sideways, will Claire have the same feelings toward Charlie?

16. Ben Linus and Alex Rousseau - He raised her as his own on the island, then got her killed, but seems to have remorse for his crime. Now he's her teacher (still a bit creepy though).  No looks of recognition, but Alex could bring memories of the island life rushing back to Ben.

17. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and Libby Smith - Write this one in the books, fans!  Their kiss sent Hurley flying back to his time on the island. 

18. Claire Littleton and Aaron Littleton - Again, I'm not sure if an unborn child can be a constant, but if Aaron is Claire's past-life connection, this may explain her automatically knowing his name when she saw his ultrasound photo.

18.  Kate Austen and Claire Littleton - Kate and Claire's connection has grown in the past season, as Kate's only goal for returning to the island is to bring Claire back to Aaron.  Fate put them in the same taxi cab, so could their connection remind them both of the island?

There are my thoughts, have I missed any?

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You were wrong about Kate and Sawyer. It was Juliet who proved to be Sawyer's constant.

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